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About the Course


The 4-Day ANZIIF/SCI RISC Singapore course is an intensive mix of presentations from leading experts from the insurance and reinsurance industry, coupled with hands-on syndicated work exploring the fundamentals of reinsurance. It aims to provide delegates with a solid understanding of reinsurance in practice.

Syndicates analyse a fictional insurance organisation to design and test the optimal reinsurance programme. Delegates within their syndicate groups act as the executives of the insurance company, making recommendations regarding the optimal reinsurance arrangements for the insurer, culminating in a presentation of the proposal to a fictional Board. Syndicated learning requires delegates to work as a group analysing a typical reinsurance submission, coupling the needs of the portfolio and the corporate risk appetite to optimise the reinsurance program.

Drawing upon the experience gained by ANZIIF over 50 years, the well-established model provides delegates with the opportunity to interact with board members and reinsurers in a simulated real world environment. An expert panel, which is made up of industry leaders, provides feedback to syndicate groups about their findings and presentations, coaching the delegates throughout the course.

The syndicate groups are guided by Syndicate Advisers, who are insurance/reinsurance practitioners with deep technical expertise honed from decades of international and regional industry experience.

Before arriving at the course, delegates are required to complete Optimum – an online introduction to reinsurance course provided by Aon Benfield. This course gives delegates an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the basics of reinsurance, demystifying reinsurance terminology; the pros, cons and implications of different reinsurance structures; and crucial factors to consider when designing a reinsurance programme.

ANZIIF/SCI RISC Singapore provides a unique and effective learning experience. With an emphasis on applying technical reinsurance practices in a realistic environment, delegates get to “live” the reinsurance process. Coupled with the above, the syndicated course structure and residential nature provide exceptional networking opportunities, creating lifelong relationships with industry peers.


This comprehensive Reinsurance 4-day residential course is ideal for professionals who work directly (e.g. underwriters, brokers and claims staff members) or indirectly (e.g. lawyers, actuaries, accountants and auditors) in the insurance sector or the reinsurance sector, including companies, regulators and government bodies that service and/or interact with the financial services industry, subject to the following:

  • Delegates should preferably have at least 3 years of work experience if they are in the reinsurance sector, or at least 5 years of work experience if they are in the insurance sector; and

  • Delegates should also be comfortable to converse and present in English during their syndicate group activities.

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