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The Course Fee includes accommodation, all meals and course materials.
With Accommodation S$4,269.30 (Singapore-Based Delegate, with 3 nights' accommodation) S$4,804.30 (Singapore-Based Delegate, with 3 nights' accommodation)
S$4,059.30 (Overseas Delegate, with 3 nights' accommodation) S$4,559.30 (Overseas Delegate, with 3 nights' accommodation)
Without Accommodation S$3,210.00 (Singapore-Based Delegate) S$3,745.00 (Singapore-Based Delegate)
S$3,000.00 (Overseas Delegate) S$3,500.00 (Overseas Delegate)
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Cancellation and Substitution Policy
Any notice of withdrawal must be given in writing to the SCI. The withdrawal penalty is as stated below:

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At Least 30 Days’ Notice 0% of the Course Fee
21 to 29 Days’ Notice 25% of the Course Fee
20 Days’ Or Less Notice 100% of the Course Fee

Any notice of substitution must be given in writing to the SCI at least 5 days before the course commencement date.
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