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Certificate in Reinsurance (CRI)
First Attempt
(SkillsFuture Credit not applicable for this Examination)
Subsequent Attempt
(SkillsFuture Credit not applicable for this Examination)
Member (SCI) S$85.60 S$64.20
Non-Member S$107.00 S$85.60
The applicable fee as specified above includes a non-refundable registration fee of S$21.40 (inclusive of 7% GST).
For any candidate taking the examination for the first time, the fee also includes a hard copy of the relevant Study Guide.

Note: The member fees are extended to candidates from SCI member companies. Please ensure that your company is a member before you select 'member fee'. If there is any short payment, the candidate and/or company must remit the short payment to SCI before the examination sitting. To verify if your company is a member, please click on the links above.

Any candidate who fails or is absent from the first attempt examination will be considered as a retake candidate upon subsequent registration for the same examination for any subsequent attempt.

First-timer fee refers to the fee that the candidate needs to pay upon registration of the examination in which he or she is taking only for the first time. The first-timer fee comes with the relevant Study Guide / Study Text.

If the candidate does not pass or is absent from the registered examination, and registers it again for any subsequent attempt based on the same edition of the Study Guide / Study Text, the candidate will then pay the retaker fee.

On the other hand, if there is a release of the new edition of the Study Guide / Study Text in which any subsequent examination is based, the candidate concerned will be treated as a first-timer upon registration of the examination. He or she will then pay the first-time fee which comes with the new edition of the Study Guide / Study Text.

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