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Certificate in Reinsurance

Any candidate registering for the Certificate in Reinsurance for the first time will have to collect the Study Text to assist in the preparation for the examination. The candidate may collect (if applicable, and subject to receipt of correct payment) the Study Text from SCI Reception Counter immediately upon successful submission of the correct online registration.

For any change of edition of the relevant Study Text, if any candidate does not pass the scheduled examination registered before the starting date of the examination based on the new edition of the relevant Study Text, any subsequent exam registration from this candidate will be considered as a first timer. As such, this candidate will then have to pay the first-timer fee for that examination bundled with the new edition of the relevant Study Text.

In the event of the change of edition of the Study Text, any candidate who has not collected the relevant Study Text may not be able to collect the "obsolete" edition of the Study Text.

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(A) The examination fee payable for first-time candidate is inclusive of the Study Text. Any candidate registering for the first time will be charged the full examination fee, regardless of whether or not the candidate is having the Study Text.

(B) Supplementary Notes (if any) which update the Study Text are testable materials applicable to the relevant examination.

Relevant Edition Of Study Text For Examination Purposes
Study Text Edition
2nd Edition - 2017 : Reinsurance - Basic Concepts And Practices

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