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Diploma in General Insurance and Risk Management (DGIRM) - Self-Study

Study Text

The SCI does not sell the Study Text for any module of the DGIRM / ADGIRM Programme.

Having signed the Advisory Note and the Student Contract, the SCI will issue the Study Text to the candidate after the correct payment has been made in full to the SCI.

Should the candidate decide to withdraw from the respective Programmes within the Cooling-Off Period of seven (7) working days from the date of signing the Student Contract, he or she must notify the SCI immediately by submitting a written notice of withdrawal (by e-mail or post).

For any candidate retaking the same examination module, there will be no further issuance of the relevant Study Text. The candidate can update his or her existing Study Text by downloading the latest version of the applicable Supplementary Notes (if any) from the SCI Website by clicking here.

However, if a new edition has been issued, the candidate must re-register for the examination and pay the first-timer fee, which will come with the new edition of the relevant Study Text.

Please note that the Study Texts are subject to revision at every series.

Authorisation For Study Text Collection

If the candidate wishes to authorise someone to collect the Study Text on his or her behalf, the candidate should provide a signed authorisation letter and should also print a copy of the Examination Confirmation e-mail that the SCI has sent to him or her. The authorised representative needs to produce the letter of authorisation together with the Examination Confirmation e-mail when collecting the Study Text on behalf of the candidate.

The authorised representative must also bring along his or her identity card, valid passport or Singapore driving licence for verification of personal identity purposes.

The applicable editions for 2017 examination series are as follows:

SCI ModuleEdition

DGI01: Legal Aspects of Insurance

4th Edition with Supplementary Notes

DGI02: Insurance Company Operations

5th edition

(Applicable for July 2017 Examinations onwards)

DGI03: Commercial Property and Business Interruption Underwriting

3rd Edition

DGI04: Liability Insurance Underwriting

3rd Edition

(Applicable for July 2017 Examinations onwards)

ADGI05: Claims Management

3rd Edition with Supplementary Notes

ADGI06: Risk Management

1st Edition with Supplementary Notes

ADGI07: Business and Economics

3rd Edition with Supplementary Notes

Candidate is reminded to download the latest version of the applicable Supplementary Notes from the SCI Website by clicking here

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