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M5 - Rules And Regulations For Financial Advisory Services

4th Edition Study Text In E-book Format
With effect from 15 August 2016, the M5 Study Text will be available in e-book format. The procedures for retrieving the e-book, as well as the conditions pertaining to the use of the e-book, are as follows:

1. M5 E-Book - Activation Of E-Book Link
(a) Upon successful submission of the examination registration and correct payment, SCI will send to the candidate an e-mail which will provide him or her with the website link to access the e-book.
Note: If you do not receive the confirmation email, please check the Spam/Junk folder as it might have been erroneously classified as a spam mail.

(b) SCI will send the website link to the candidate's e-mail address as specified in the candidate's Online Examination Registration Form. The candidate must ensure that he or she specifies the correct e-mail address on this Form. If there is any change in the e-mail address and / or personal particulars, the candidate must update such information via the website link at:

(c) To access the e-book, you may login to the SCI website to access to an electronic copy of the study text (eBook) or to download a PDF copy of the text (only applicable to those examinations with eBook provided). Those candidates who need to re-sit for the examination will be granted access to the eBook again (only applicable to those examinations with eBook provided) once they have successfully registered and made payment to re-take examination.

You should refer to your Confirmation of Examination Registration email for the links to the eBook / eMock Examination Access / Supplementary Notes (if applicable).

(d) SCI will grant the e-book access to the candidate up to the date of his or her scheduled examination, without any further exception.

2. M5 E-Book - Deactivation Of E-Book Link
(a) SCI will deactivate the e-book access immediately upon the candidate having sat and / or passed the examination.

(b) For any candidate who retakes the examination, SCI will grant the e-book access only upon successful submission of the retake examination registration and correct payment made.

3. M5 E-Book - Supplementary Notes
(a) If there is any issuance of the Supplementary Notes (to be read in conjunction with the relevant edition of the Study Text), SCI will incorporate them in the e-book accordingly.

4. M5 E-Book In Hardcopy Version
(a) The candidate can print the e-book at his or her own expense. Alternatively, if the candidate has indicated in the Online Registration Form during the examination registration that a hard copy version is preferred, then he or she will need to come down personally to the SCI (or to authorise someone) to collect it. However, any candidate using the hard copy version to study for the examination is reminded that he or she will need to check the SCI Website regularly for any latest issues on updates and supplementary notes which have to be studied together with the study text. The candidate can access them from the website link at:
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