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  • Examination Schedule

    Basic Competency Examination (BCE)

    To ensure potential financial adviser representatives possess the requisite basic numeracy skills and proficiency in the English Language.

    Paper 1 - English
    Section  Allocation Of Marks Description

    A - Composition


    A composition based on a situation (suitable for working adults) described in detail with about 200 words.

    B - Comprehension (a passage of 350 to 450 words)


    5 to 7 questions to test on understanding of information stated or inferred.
    to 3 questions to test on understanding of vocabulary as used in the passage.
    1 summary question.

    C - Multiple-Choice Questions


    5 questions on vocabulary.


    60 Marks


    Paper 2 - Mathematics
    Topic Section A
    No. Of Questions
    Section B
    No. Of Questions




    Ideas of Ordering



    Ratio, Proportion & Percentage



    Interpretation, Evaluation & Easy Manipulation of Formulae



    Simple Financial Transactions, Profit & Loss, Simple & Compound Interest (including Foreign Exchange)






    Total Number Of Questions



    Total Mark (40 Marks)



    Structure & Format
    The examination consists of two papers.

    Paper 1 - English (60 Marks)
    Paper 2 - Mathematics (40 Marks)

    Both examinations are on the same day. Paper 1 examination will begin first to be followed by Paper 2 examination, after a 15-minute break.

    New candidates are required to sit for both papers on the same day and those who fail in one paper may resit the failed paper on another scheduled examination date.  For details of the dates, please refer to the Examination Schedule

    English - 1 hour 30 minutes
    Mathematics - 1 hour

    Minimum Passing Grade
    At least 50% for each paper. However, the minimum passing grade can be attained at separate sittings.

    Result Slip will be issued for each paper separately. 

    Examination & Registration Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST)
    For details, please click here.

    Study Materials
    There is no basic text to use.

    Examination Mode
    Pen & Paper (P&P) Examination in English only.

    Candidates can self-study for the examination.

    Examination Frequency & Schedule
    The examination is conducted quarterly on a weekday.

    Candidates representing the life insurance companies may refer directly to their respective Training Department for the Examination Schedule.  For other candidates, please refer to the Examination Registration.

    Examination Resitting
    There is no limit on the number of times that a candidate can sit for an examination. However, he or she will not be permitted to sit for any examination if he or she has either passed or been exempted from it.

    Not applicable.

    Registration must be made online via SCI Website.

    Please refer to the Examination Registration Policies for more information on registration.

    Candidates who represent life insurance companies will have to register using their respective company's user ID and password. Please check directly with the respective Agency / Training Department for the registration details.

    Candidates who represent only General Insurance Companies, Banks / Securities Houses, Insurance Broking Firms and Financial Advisers can register online via SCI Website.

    Certificate Collection
    No certificate will be issued to any candidate who passes the BCE examination. Only result slip will be issued.

    Programme Changes
    SCI solely reserves the right whether or not to accept any candidate, or to make any changes (including the fees) owing to any unforeseen circumstances, or when it considers necessary or appropriate to do so.

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