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  • For Whom
  • Objective
  • Contents
  • Structure & Format
  • Duration
  • Minimum Passing Grade
  • Examination & Registration Fees
  • Study Materials / Supplementary Notes
  • Examination Mode
  • Examination Frequency & Schedule
  • Release of Examination Result
  • Examination Resitting
  • Exemption
  • Registration
  • CII Recognition Of Prior Learning Scheme Rules
  • Programme Changes

  • Examination Schedule
    Register for CRI Examination

    Certificate in Reinsurance (CRI)

    For Whom

  • Executives and Staff in reinsurance companies who support the underwriting, technical accounting and claims functions in their organisations
  • Executives and Staff in reinsurance broking firms who support the broking, administrative, technical accounting and claims functions in their organisations
  • Executives and Staff in reinsurance departments of direct insurance companies who support the placement, technical accounting and claims functions in their organisations
  • Non-operational support staff in reinsurance and reinsurance broking companies
  • Staff of regulatory bodies whose job responsibilities require a broad understanding of the principles and practical applications of reinsurance
  • Participants should, preferably, have 6 months of working experience in reinsurance companies or direct insurance companies or insurance intermediaries
  • Objective
    To provide certification for those in the insurance and related sectors whose jobs require them to have working knowledge of reinsurance principles and practices, as well as those who wish to gain basic understanding of the reinsurance.


  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Reinsurance
  • Chapter 2 - The Reinsurance Market
  • Chapter 3 - Forms of Reinsurance
  • Chapter 4 - Facultative Reinsurance
  • Chapter 5 - Proportional Treaties
  • Chapter 6 - Non-Proportional Treaties
  • Chapter 7 - Reinsurance Accounting
  • Chapter 8 - Contract Wordings
  • Chapter 9 - Life Reassurance
  • Chapter 10 - Office Practice Procedure
  • Glossary
  • Structure & Format
    100 multiple-choice questions, comprising:
    Part I - 80 questions; and
    Part II - 20 questions involving calculations

    2 hours.

    Entry Requirement
    Candidates who register for the CRI programme must pass the Basic Insurance Concepts And Principles (BCP) examination as a prerequisite for CRI examination registration.

    Minimum Passing Grade & Result Slip
    To obtain the SCI Certification in Reinsurance, the candidate must achieve:
    (a) a minimum grade of 40 marks for Part I and 10 marks for Part II; and
    (b) an overall passing grade of 70%, that is 70 marks.

    One mark will be awarded for each correct answer to a question of each Part.
    No mark will be deducted for any wrong or blank answer.
    No Certificate will be issued. Only Result Slip will be issued.

    Examination & Registration Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST)
    For details, please click here.

    Study Materials / Supplementary Notes
    A complimentary Study Text will be given to the candidate taking the examination for the first time to assist in the examination preparation. The candidate is solely responsible for obtaining the correct edition of the Study Text and the latest supplementary notes, etc, where applicable. The CRI Study Text (Hardcopy version) consist of 244 pages (excluding Supplementary Notes) whereas the CRI E-Book consists of 246 pages (with Supplementary Notes incorporated).

    Please note that Supplementary Notes (if any) which update the Study Text are testable materials applicable to the relevant examination.

    Please note that the candidate can collect the Study Text (if applicable) only when the necessary correct payment (if applicable) has been made to SCI.

    For details, please click here.

    Examination Mode
    English Medium - Computer Screen Examination (CSE)

    The candidate can self-study for the examination.

    Examination Frequency & Schedule
    The examination is normally conducted two to four times a year on a weekday.

    For details of the examination dates, please refer to the Examination Schedule.

    Examination Resitting
    There is no limit on the number of times that a candidate can sit for an examination. However, he or she will not be permitted to sit for any examination if he or she has either passed or been exempted from it.

    No exemption is granted.

    The candidate must register online via the  SCI Website

    For details, please refer to the Examination Registration Policies.

    Recognition Of Prior Learning (RPL) Credits Awarded By The Chartered Insurance Institute, United Kingdom (CII)

    With effect from 11 September 2013, all candidates who pass the CRI examination are eligible to apply for 15 Certificate-level non-unit specific credits in the Insurance qualifications framework at the following link: Candidates are however advised to familiarise themselves with the CII RPL Scheme rules and application process before submitting their applications.

    Please take note that the above-mentioned CII RPL Credits are valid until 31 January 2022.

    It is the sole responsibility of the candidate concerned to apply directly to the CII for any RPL Credit subject to the terms and conditions as specified by the CII.

    Please take note of the following important statement from the CII:

    1. At its sole discretion the Chartered Insurance Institute reserves the right to make, amend and or withdraw credit awards for prior learning the subject of this application at any time, on due notice as it sees fit and without monetary compensation. Under no circumstances will the Chartered Insurance Institute accept any liability for consequential indirect or special losses or special damages of any kind arising out of or in any way connected with the awarding or withdrawal of credit awards for prior learning.

    2. The award of credits for prior learning in the CII's qualification framework is a privilege and not a right and it is expressly agreed that there is no intent to bring legal relations into being or otherwise establish a contractual relationship between the parties.

    Programme Changes
    The SCI solely reserves the right whether or not to accept any candidate, or to make any changes (including the fees) owing to any unforeseen circumstances, or when it considers necessary or appropriate to do so.

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