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Exam Details

Advanced Diploma in General Insurance and Risk Management (ADGIRM) - Self-Study


Minimum Entry Requirements

In order to register for the Programme / Examination, the candidate:

  • must be at least 18 years of age; and
  • should preferably be engaged in financial services activities; and
  • must have successfully completed the SCI Certification in General Insurance (CGI) examinations, by having passes in the Basic Insurance Concepts and Principles (BCP), Personal General Insurance (PGI) and Commercial General Insurance (ComGI) examinations; or any qualification deemed equivalent and acceptable by SCI;
  • and should satisfy any ONE of the following:

(i) should possess a minimum of 10 years of formal education; or

(ii) should have obtained any academic qualification deemed equivalent and acceptable by SCI; or

(iii) should have successfully attained any one of the SCI Advanced Certificates; or

(iv) should possess at least two years of work experience in the insurance industry

(Please click on the link to download and complete the declaration form if you declare that you possess at least two years of work experience in the insurance industry.)

CII Membership Benefits

The CII membership gives access to everything that the member needs to plan and develop his or her career in any aspect of insurance for all CII examination levels, including discounted fees for the CII revision courses and examinations. For more information on the benefits, types and fees for membership, please refer to:

To apply for the CII membership, the candidate needs to complete and submit the Online Membership Application Form via this link at:

Candidates will be informed by the CII on the status of their application.

Continuing Professional Development Requirements

The holder of the "Adv Dip SCI (GI & RM)" must fulfil a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement of 30 hours every two (2) years after the year of attaining the respective designation. If the holder attains the designation in the current year, the reporting period will be for two immediate succeeding years. The CPD hours earned per reporting period must be derived from educational activities in acceptable subject-matter areas (relating to general insurance, reinsurance, risk management or regulatory changes affecting the general insurance industry) as follows: -

Category Activity Involved By Designation Holder Number Of CPD Hours To Be Granted
1 Attending any training activity, course or programme organised by the Singapore College of Insurance (SCI), any other recognised training institution or professional body, or the designation holder's own company. 1 CPD hour for 1 hour of activity attended.
2 Attending any seminar, workshop or conference organised by the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA), Singapore Insurance Brokers' Association (SIBA), Singapore Reinsurers' Association (SRA), any other recognised trade association or professional body, or the designation holder's own company. 1 CPD hour for 1 hour of activity attended.
3 Conducting any lecture or training course for SCI or any other recognised institution or professional body. 3 CPD hours for 1 hour of training for each initial run of the programme. 1 CPD hour for 1 hour of training for any subsequent session.
4 Passing any relevant examination of a programme (such as DGIRM / ADGIRM programme) offered by SCI through self-study (without attending any tutorial). CPD hours based on the time duration for the relevant examination, plus tutorial hours to be counted once only, upon passing the examination, capped at 8 CPD hours per module or subject passed (as specified by GIA).

In addition, the CPD acceptable activities are also those listed by the GIA on its website at: are also acceptable.

The CPD hours must not include break periods. The designation holder is solely responsible for keeping proper records of relevant supporting documentary evidence, such as attendance certificates, certified letters, certified statements and examination result slips, in respect of such relevant activities as specified above.

If the Adv Dip SCI (GI & RM) holder did not fulfil this requirement, he /she will not be allowed to use the designation till the required CPD hours have been fulfilled accordingly for every two years period.

Grievance Procedure / Dispute Resolution

The SCI is committed to providing prompt and efficient channels for candidates to seek resolution for their dispute and grievance. A candidate’s dispute or grievance may arise from any experience aspect at SCI which the candidate believes to be unfair, unjust or unreasonable. The SCI’s policies and procedures will take precedence over the dispute and grievance process. A candidate who is seeking dispute or grievance resolution must follow the 3-step Dispute and Grievance Resolution Process as outlined below. Each step must be completed before going to the next step.


Send an e-mail to Officer-In-Charge of the Programme via [email protected]. The e-mail will be acknowledged within 3 working days. The Officer-In-Charge will investigate the dispute or grievance and provide a resolution to the candidate within 20 working days from date of receipt of the e-mail. SCI will make an effort to seek resolution at operational level. In all correspondence with SCI, the candidate must provide the following contact information:

  • Full Name (as in NRIC);
  • Student ID (as assigned by the SCI);
  • Contact Number: Office & Mobile; and
  • Programme Title & Modules/Subjects.


In the event that the resolution rendered is not resolved or unsatisfactory, the candidate may escalate the dispute or grievance to the Head of Department (HOD). The HOD will investigate the dispute or grievance and will provide a resolution to the candidate within 5 working days from date of appeal.


If a mutually amicable resolution cannot be found, the candidate may file an appeal with the SCI’s Chief Executive. The Chief Executive will investigate the dispute or grievance from an independent perspective, and will work with the SCI’s Senior Management to offer a resolution within 5 working days from the date of appeal to the Chief Executive.

In the event that the candidate and SCI are unable to resolve the dispute or grievance amicably, either party may approach the CPE’s Student Services Centre (SSC) for help. The officers at the SSC will review the issues and may refer the dispute to the CPE Mediation-Arbitration Scheme. If the dispute is not resolved through mediation at the Singapore Mediation Centre, the dispute will be referred for arbitration by an arbitrator appointed by the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators.